Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference

Friends helping friends - A non profit organization

Our Philosophy

 We elders have a need to congregate, to communicate, to share and to socialize, in a style and atmosphere, that appreciates our uniqueness, our value, our wisdom and our expertise. We further believe that we have earned and deserve dignity, with respect, as we approach our inevitable adventure. 


Our Group

Our amazing group of seniors are committed to supporting and enjoying each others company.  Anyone who would like, particpating in some or all of the many activities, offered, are more than welcome, to do so.

For example:

*Working on projects - sewing , knitting etc.

*Senior Crafts

*Free Walks  at the YMCA

* Pot Luck Dinners

*Playing Cribbage

*Day trips, on our bus, - going shopping, out for lunch , sightseeing  or even a picnic, in the park.

We, also have an on site gift shop, filled with a variety of items, for sale, that are handmade, by the Freeport Elders.

The elders are very supportive, of it's members, as well as other community groups. A really interesting and fun group. for sure.

Sound inviting? Become a member. All  are welcome!


Our History

Mary MacLeod Kennedy origionally established the Freeport Elders Association, in 1995.

We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands, of this amazing community!

Our Goals

Are making new friends and working together, to create a social and fun life style, for all senior citizens.